A Closer Look – Marge Wheeler

People who know me often describe me as bubbly. Friendly. Fun! I am delighted with these descriptions, but they don’t feel complete. I once asked one of my sisters to describe my defining trait from childhood. She said: Persistence. When I look back at my life, this is a trait I can embrace.

I was the second of five children, and my persistence (some might say stubbornness) was apparent from a young age. I steadfastly dodged PE classes and swimming lessons to take my preferred choice of ice-skating instead. When I stumbled into playing the flute to round out the needs of the band, I found a love of music that has stuck with me for life.

When I find something I love, I hold tight to it.

After high school, I received a scholarship to nursing school and discovered a second defining trait: Service. I truly wanted to help people. I joined the Army after nursing school, and all through Boot Camp, I stuck to my goals and to my desire to serve. When my husband was sent to Vietnam, I was offered the choice to go as well. I couldn’t deny the need to help the soldiers there, and so I went. I felt a duty to my country, and a strong need to help my fellow service members.

After the war, I knew I still needed to serve, but my path had changed from direct patient- care. I went back to school to earn my BS and my Masters degrees. I had always been passionate about wellness for patients, and my usual persistence kept me on that track as I transitioned through nursing to nursing administration and into home health.

During this time, my goal of helping others stayed steady, even as my personal life changed. Through more than one move, and through a divorce from my husband, I always knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to keep people on the track to better. The track to better, though, wasn’t always profitable. Along with my persistence and my dedication to service, I needed a better income. So, I started searching for a home-based business that would fit into my life.

I had uplifting, positive, incredibly healthy work for my future … a reason to get up in the morning and make a positive difference.

I was not one of those overnight successes. Remember my defining trait from childhood onward? Persistence. Although I began earning a significant check from my second month, it took time to build up my team and my business. But the truth is, my team was and is the best! They work with each other and with me, and we are all dedicated to service. Because we care so much and because the products are so good, my very first customers (since 2006) still believe in me and in Orenda, and refer new people to place orders.

I’ve received amazing coaching and mentoring from the beginning, for which I thank George Hall, Dr. Lu, Anne Herrick Dienel, and Dr. Ilene Rubinstein, and I especially want to thank Bob Hall, who has given me personal coaching over the phone. I also extend incredibly special thanks to my brother George and sister Pat, who encouraged me to follow my dreams. Thanks to my Orenda customers from the beginning: Lynda and Bob, Elaine, Sally and so many others. Thank you to my Orenda business builders and their teams: Ann Huntsman, Beverly Morgan, Norma Mallari, Shari Walgamuth, Cathy Ochs, and so many more. And I want to say how much I appreciate my Orenda family, including all the Gold School attendees, Orenda conference call participants, and leaders.

People tend to look at me and say, “Oh, you’re retired. You just sit in a rocking chair and relax.” I scoff at them, because I’m not retired. I am self-employed with Orenda, and I’m more active than ever. Remember when I shifted my PE classes to ice-skating? I’m a competitive ice-skater passionate about my sport. Remember when I took up the flute? I’m a composer who travels the world – America, Russia, England – with my music. Remember when I thought I was unable to avoid chronic health problems as I aged? I am 71 years old and proud of it, feeling better than I have in years! Remember when I dedicated my life to serving and helping? I have never stopped.

I have never given up. I know it is partly a personal trait – a defining trait – but I think it’s also a lesson. If you work toward your goals, sure, there’s a chance you may lose out. But if you quit, you absolutely lose. And you lose knowing that you didn’t give it your best. I can’t think of a worse fate.

Because I never gave up, I have what I wanted out of life. I’m helping others to find wellness and financial freedom. I’m earning solid checks each month, to support my bank account. I have moved past the “health” business into the “wellness” business, so that other people can have the results I have experienced. I’m here to say, you can find what you want out of life, too.

When you find something you love, hold tight to it. I have, and I’ll never regret it.

This story is a reflection of the experience of this individual and may not be applicable to everyone.