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Direct Selling News | Orenda International
Direct Selling News | Orenda International As the leading trade publication of the Direct Selling and Network Marketing business, Direct Selling News has its finger on the pulse of our dynamic industry. That is why Orenda felt honored to be featured by DSN in their "Young Company Focus" where they recognized Orenda as a partner-driven company with an attitude of giving back and a solid foundation upon which Orenda will build to become one of the industry greats. Read More
Inc Magazine | Orenda International
Inc Magazine | Orenda International Every year Inc. Magazine offers to the public the most comprehensive look at the entrepreneurial drivers of the U.S. economy. These drivers are named as the 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America. The companies that populate this list must meet a strict list of criteria including being privately held and based in the United States. Companies are ranked according to percentage revenue growth over a four year period. Orenda was first welcomed to this elite list in 2007 and was named once again in 2009. Orenda is proud of its Partners, who make this growing company eligible for this honor. Read More
Essence Magazine | Orenda International
Essence Magazine | Orenda International Essence Magazine is a publication focused on the African-American woman. It is a powerful source of information for health, career, fashion, beauty, and fitness for all 7 million of its readers. Orenda was honored when the January 2008 issue hit the newsstands and mentioned O-Tropin, All in One Female, and AntiAging Serum as age-defying secrets that one woman wouldn't live without. She says, "The serum has my skin looking fabulous and the spray and vitamins give me so much more energy at the gym." Fortunately, these are secrets that every woman deserves to know, and Orenda is happy to share. Read More
Nutraceutical Magazine
Nutraceutical Magazine The January 2008 edition of the Journal of Nutraceutical Business and Technology featured an article titled "The Little Berry With a Big Future" about the Aronia berry as the next big category in superfruit nutrition. The article discussed Aronia for "Record-Breaking Anthocyanin Content", as a "Promising Alternative to Blueberry & Co.", and praised it for an anthocyanin content "which is more than five times as much ... as found in blueberries". As Aronia takes its voyage from obscurity to preeminence in the superfruit marketplace, it will continue to garner attention from leading industry publications like this. Read More
Mens Health Magazine | Orenda International
Mens Health Magazine | Orenda International
Mens Health Magazine | Orenda International Men's Health Magazine is the world's largest men's magazine brand reaching 12 million readers a month and dedicated to quality information affecting all aspects of a man's life. Featured articles focus on fitness, nutrition, careers, and health issues. In the May 2008 issue the aronia berry was featured as the Stealth Health Food stating, "No fruit packs more anthocyanins, potent ... antioxidants," and Okī was named as THE place to get it. Even this mega-magazine empire recognized Okī as the best aronia source available and announced to all 12 million of its faithful readers. Read More