A Closer Look – Barbara Moore

If you put yourself in my sandals, you can look out over the Kona Coast to the sun-sparkling Pacific Ocean. This paradise is where I have been blessed to live for four decades.

My beloved home, perched around a monkeypod tree, filled with art, music, humor, healthy foods, and aloha, was voted “Best B&B in West Hawaii.” Visionaries and people in search of improved health come from all over the globe to enjoy spa pamperings and stimulating conversation, world- class snorkeling and diving, friendly wild dolphins and FUN in the sun.

It all started in the early ’70s after I divorced my professor husband and resigned from my position as a university academic advisor. I moved to Hawaii, where I began studying alternative medicine and holistic health, apprenticing with highly respected Kahuna. I learned about traditional Lomilomi massage, Hawaiian herbs, and Ho’oponopono, a revered forgiveness process.

My favorite teacher, Kalehuamakanoelulu’uonapali (“Aunty Margaret” Machado), once told me, “You speak with authority.”

Being young, that made no sense to me; I felt I had nothing to speak about with authority.My dear mother, Emelyn, who believed in me, helped me craft my one-of-a-kind upscale treehouse. As a late-blooming flower child, I grew a vegetable garden and studied Flower Essences for “soul development.”

In 1980, I journeyed to Egypt with human potential pioneer, Jean Houston. At the Healing Temple of Abydos, I got the distinct message about my home being a place of healing and growth. As difficult as it was to keep that dream alive after my mother died in ’82, I nurtured the Dragonfly Ranch B&B/Eco-Spa/Healing Arts Center, offering love-filled services to guests.

You could say I was successful in that I lived a fulfilling and interesting life. When I had difficulty paying the bills, the reality principal crept in. My desire to offer my guests self-empowerment was diminished by my deteriorating health and monetary worries. Setbacks after a second disastrously costly divorce left me with a steep mortgage and unbearable stress. Realizing that “stress is the killer,” I believed the only two options were to sell my cherished Dragonfly–or face foreclosure.

About that time – in 2007 – Dr. Shanhong Lu asked if she could give a talk about anti-aging and Orenda. While I agreed to let her lecture, I definitely wasn’t interested in doing Orenda business.

Investigating my waning energy, I became aware of a serious health challenge. Observing my state, Dr. Lu advised me to try the Orenda Immune.

To avoid invasive options, I agreed to support my body with Orenda supplements. Out of desperation, I embraced Orenda.

Six months later, I no longer had a problem. In addition to gaining renewed energy, my brain fog lifted. Gone were the discomforts that I previously accepted as part of aging. In my mid ’60s, rather than getting stiffer and slower, with Orenda I started “youthing.” I felt energized, started taking gyrokinesis classes, and regained flexibility and strength.

But even after I personally knew the Orenda products to be superior because they worked for me, I still refused to tell anyone. As a severely wounded veteran of some 30 Multi-Level Marketing failures, I didn’t think this one could be different. (Later, I appreciated hearing co-founder George Hall say, “If you hate MLMs, you’re going to LOVE Orenda.”) When Dr. Lu first called me with encouragement to spread the word about Orenda, I told her that the threat of foreclosure kept me far too busy to pursue a new venture. Meanwhile, I was feeling and looking better than I had in years. Numerous health improvements snuck up on me because…wellness seems so perfectly natural! I became a walking billboard for Orenda.

Finally, with Dr. Lu’s gentle persistent nudging, I recognized the magnificence of this company I have grown to LOVE and want to share. When my dear 70-year- old East Coast PBS art teacher tried O-Tropin, Mimi called me, saying, “Thank you for giving me my life force back.”

That encouraged me to tell another guest I loved: Julie Fedeli. While the Fedelis made it clear they didn’t “do” network marketing, I simply believed that Orenda products would help Julie overcome issues that dampened her stellar spirit.

When Julie and her chiropractor husband, Dan, tried Orenda, their dramatic results led them to tell everyone they knew in Chicago. Before long, I started getting substantial checks from Orenda that paid my mortgage and saved me from financial distress.

I appreciate Dr. Lu, more than words can say. She and the Fedelis inspired me to understand the spiritual nature of Orenda ABUNDANCE. Many of Julie’s friends gratefully use the products and started attending her “Underground Goddess Salon.” I am so proud of Julie. In her divinely strong and powerfully serene way, she awakens women to their personal power-me included! We heartily thank one another for saving each other’s lives with Orenda.

Dan said he attended Gold School to “look behind the curtain,” where he found the co-founding Hall brothers. They are the solid ethical foundation of Orenda. When I met Bob and George, I too was impressed with their impeccable integrity.

Having never been motivated by money, I was flabbergasted when I got a six- digit 1099 form – more than I ever dreamed of earning! The Orenda business evolved from saving my health into saving my eco-spa Healing Center- allowing me to share improved health with even more people.

Looking back, I thank G.O.D. (Give Own Definition) I found this amazing, love- based company called Orenda. Gone are not only my health problems but also the unconscious fear of my pension-less future. Instead, I am immensely excited about sharing this fulfilling business that provides amazing freedom, unexpected opportunities and deepening, heartfelt friendships–for me and my wonderful team. I now fully understand the importance of the Orenda mission statement about having control of “our time, our finances and our careers.”

With Orenda funds, I can do as I please-like taking trips to Europe and Peru. I observe others in my age bracket (like my accountant who witnessed my physical and fiscal transformation) with no plan for retirement, similar to how I was–working like maniacs and panicked about the future. It sincerely pleases me to offer Orenda business as a joyous exit from that insecure place of desperation.

Because I love people, I continue helping guests with my various tools like Lomilomi and Flower Essences. But now, the biggest tool in my kit is Orenda. On this subject, I am totally passionate and feel like I can speak with authority, as Aunty Margaret envisioned. It’s my tremendous honor to introduce people to greater wellness. A few friends also like the concept of being financially rewarded for helping their friends discover improved health. Is this fun or what?!

When friends call to thank me for their renewed health, I frequently cry tears of joy. It is especially heartwarming to witness Orenda transformations–like seeing Dr. Sharon Olson lighten up, dropping 40 pounds in 40 days with Clean Burn Shape! I am scheduling on-going 10 day Weight Management/ Cleanses at the Dragonfly. Enthusiastically I offer my guests this opportunity to “turn their lights on with the twinkly Orenda “glow”–becoming healthier (and perhaps wealthier) while aging.

Our Orenda founders are sincerely dedicated to their vision and mission of “People Lifting People.” The generous compensation plan is respectful. And the helpful home office staff is extraordinary.

I see Bob and George, like proud papas, busting their buttons as they hand out awards and checks at Gold School held in first class resorts they generously provide. I know it is true when they say they LOVE signing our checks, knowing how important it is to us. Even more significant to them is seeing each of us grow personally, gaining confidence as we embrace our power. The passion and positivity these brothers exude, combined with their off-the-wall sense of humor, makes our Orenda business a blast!

Also delightful is being embraced by the friendly Orenda “Ohana” (Hawaiian for “family”). With each joyful reunion, my love and appreciation deepens as I observe my precious Orenda friends becoming healthier, happier, more “on purpose,” fulfilled–and financially stable. Talk about right livelihood! “Orenda-izing” people seems as right as it can get. (I thank Dr. Danuta Hoyer for that term.)

I dearly appreciate the assistance of the Executive Directors. And I’m sincerely grateful to my amazing downline. I thank all my Ohana who share their knowledge on calls and at Gold School, helping me grow into becoming a leader who enjoys inspiring more people to try these life-enhancing products, joining the Orenda team.

While giving gratitude, I feel compelled to thank the individuals who mindfully created our superior supplements. Orenda is successful because the products WORK!

The Iroquois word “Orenda” was purposefully selected for its spiritual significance. I find myself more spiritually aligned and filled with extra love to exude to all I meet as a result of being supported by and supporting Orenda.

After reading my story, you may wish to experience the Orenda “glow.” Like me, it could give you a new lease on life. You may even wish to join the Orenda Ohana, embracing the concept of “People Lifting People.” For the 10-day retreat or for your personal wellness vacation, I welcome you to join me at my Kona Coast paradise. Bring your sandals!

Blessings of Aloha and best wishes FLOURISHING with Orenda.

This story is a reflection of the experience of this individual and may not be applicable to everyone.