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ORENDA means serious nutrition...

Deep Sleep, Balanced Hormones & Gut Biome, Strong Immune System, Brain Fuel, and Reduced Toxins…

You’ll feel like the fog has lifted and the lights are back on!

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Awaken Kit

Tomorrow is a brand new day! See how simple it is to “Be your BEST SELF“. Start your journey to a healthier life now!

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We're committed to quality.

Orenda’s success starts with the highest quality products, made without compromise. Poor manufacturing can destroy great science, and that’s why Orenda manufactures all of its products in facilities that comply with the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).

  • Ingredients are quarantined for testing
  • Tested for identity, purity, potency, and quality
  • Products are bottled, labeled and safety-sealed
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"Live Long" with Dr. Shanhong Lu

Dr Shanhong Lu | Orenda Ultimate Health Professional

"We were feeling the aches and were just plain worn out. After 10 years, we continue to have great results and support our long-term health with Orenda."

Cy & Jacqui, Retiree & Teacher

“In my two years with the Orenda Ultimate Pack, I’ve helped more of my patients feel well and vital than in my 26 previous years of practice. I’ve seen so many whole-life transformations!”

Dr. Vesna Skul, MD

"In our Integrative Center, the Orenda Detox Cleanse is our choice - it is a comprehensive cleanse, including education, to help our patients transition to a healthy lifestyle."

John W. Golden MD & Nina S. Golden, CHC, PT (Health Coach)

"These exceptional products are cutting edge and have completely changed how I support my health. And since I am healthier and happier, my family, friends and all my loved ones benefit too!"

Julie, Mother & Mentor

"No lackluster life or low energy for me! Because of these great products, at 45 I'm fit, have great energy, restful sleep, and have great vitality! A major reason I feel the way I do... is Orenda!"

Heather - Personal Trainer