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Orenda Ultimate OPC


Orenda OPC is the first product of its kind to feature the Aronia fruit. Not afraid to take on the challenging flavor of this neglected fruit, OPC combines Aronia with many other powerhouse botanicals including organic aloe vera, purple carrot extract, acerola cherry extract, apple juice, blueberry fruit extract, green tea extract, and Rhodiola root. Our newest product now makes it easier to ship, bring with you on the road and drink daily! Click here for the full ingredients list.

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Orenda Balance


Orenda Balance is an exquisite herbal formulation that comes in a convenient spray, so you can be sure to swallow the right amount. The ingredients in Orenda Balance can help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level (for those within normal ranges), support your cognition, promote a calm and balanced state of mind and support a balanced metabolism. Click here for the full ingredients list.

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