A Closer Look – Julie and Dr. Daniel Fedeli

We look at the world and see the possibilities and opportunities to move beyond the challenges of life. Every day we feel that it’s our duty to share our resources and our positive energy with others. We are committed to creating a life for ourselves that reflects our heart’s desires. While our backgrounds and training are very different, we both share a deep wish to make a contribution and create a healthier and happier world.

Dan is a chiropractor with thousands of hours of training in his specialties. He has a thriving practice, The Balancing Center in Chicago. He works daily to help his patients get healthy and improve the quality of their lives. Now in his 37th year of practice, he continues to look for new ways to support his patients.

With a degree in Political Science and little desire to go into politics or law, I spent years teaching inner city youth in New York alongside a career in finance before I realized that I needed to find a better way to help people. I entered into a rigorous training program in Healing Science, and then continued my studies to learn to aid those with trauma. I have worked passionately to help women overcome many challenges, from PTSD to infertility.

Over eight years ago we really needed a vacation! Dan was consumed by working long hours creating his signature brand of innovative chiropractic, and I was working hard as full-time mom, committed to staying home and caring for our son.

What we needed was a Hawaiian trip far away from Chicago – off the beaten track! We stayed for over a week at a fun, eco B&B on the Big Island, and the owner added us to her email list. For many months after that, we received emails about the Orenda products.

So what do extremely busy people do when they get emails from well-meaning friends? Again and again the emails arrived in our inboxes and got deleted after little more than a glance. Then our family doctor recommended O-Tropin for me. O-Tropin – the name sounded familiar. Wasn’t that one of those products our Hawaiian friend kept emailing about?

Dan was the first to start on the products; he was the official Orenda guinea pig! In three days, he began to notice more energy, improved focus and better sleep. We started using all the products, and what we experienced was totally unexpected – immediate, impressive results. In addition to the increased energy, there was a buoyancy, a reserve accumulating, that allowed us to handle stress more gracefully and enjoy our lives more completely. We felt younger than we had in years.

The Orenda products fit in perfectly with Dan’s chiropractic philosophy and innovative mission. We were feeling so passionate about our own results that we wanted Dan’s patients and our friends and loved ones to feel as great as we did. We just started sharing the products. I would even pull out my O-Tropin bottle at dinner parties and so our business began.

As busy people, we didn’t feel we really had much time to read about the details, but one night before our son went to bed, we were reviewing the presentation brochure. Our son looked intently at the illustrations of the compensation levels. He didn’t focus on the lower levels where we would be starting out, but skipped ahead to the top ranks. He asked, “When are you going to be Senior Presidential Director?” Out of the mouths of babes. Our son’s question gave us a goal! We’re already at the Executive Director level, still growing and aiming for the top.

The Orenda business opportunity has allowed us to have much greater financial security and abundance, and therefore less stress and tension in our lives. That is an immense gift. Dan has always worked very hard, and it has been great for me to contribute financially to the family.

By sharing Orenda, we’re achieving our calling of adding value to the world – spreading greater wellness and financial freedom in a way that grows and multiplies. All around us, many people are living unhappy and unhealthy lives. Friends, family, and patients are struggling with their health and debt. With Orenda, we have another way to help them move past these challenges toward greater freedom.

We are so grateful for the many people who have supported us on this Orenda journey. Our great thanks to Bob and George Hall, and their supportive families for having the vision, drive and heart to create an outstanding line of remarkable products and a brilliant, sustainable compensation plan that will create a healthier and happier world. We will always be grateful to you for the gift of Orenda!

Our deep love and eternal gratitude to Dr. Shanhong Lu for being a bright, dynamic light in our lives and for always showing us the deeper truths of creating an abundantly happy, fun and successful life. Thank you to our dear Hawaiian friend, Barbara Moore, who continued to call us and send us emails despite our resistance. Our thanks to you and Phoenix for creating a lovely retreat for so many great people to meet and to heal.

We are grateful to all of our mentors at Orenda, who have spent countless hours coaching, guiding and sharing with us their great ideas and gems of wisdom! Thank you to Nina and Dr. John Golden, Anne Herrick Dienel, and VP Doug Sandstedt.

To our beloved friend and doctor, Dr. Vesna Skul, we know that destiny smiled on us when you came into our lives! We look forward to traveling the world with you and sharing Orenda with thousands more! You are a kindred spirit in our lives… Thank you for being the beautiful woman you are.

We love our team of shining stars, and deeply appreciate your intelligence, enthusiasm and hard work. Thank you for supporting us in being better leaders, and it is a privilege for us to be sharing our Orenda journey with you. We know you can be Directors and beyond – soon!

Thank you to our dear patients, friends and family who trusted us and began using the Orenda products based on our word and our experience. Thank you for jumping in with us; we love that greater health and happiness are now yours! We want the very best for you. And most importantly, our connection with Spirit is the source of all grace, happiness and abundance in our lives.

If you’re unsure about Orenda, that’s perfectly understandable. After all, we deleted well intended emails ourselves. But if you think you might be interested and ready for wellness and abundance in your own life, we hope you’ll give it a chance. You’ll be amazed at what you can do when you move past the challenges in your path and see the beautiful world beyond.

This story is a reflection of the experience of this individual and may not be applicable to everyone.